Eir Aoi – Brainwash


Konban wa.
Since new SAO character songs are coming, I thought I should first translate the songs that came along the opening single.
So here is the first one, “Brainwash” by Eir Aoi (藍井 エイル), with karaoke fx and an English translation. This time I didn’t concatenated the original lyrics (with one exception as the line was simply too long) to fit the translation as I enjoyed the original version more. Hope you like the Sinon pic (credits go to http://arehina.deviantart.com).
As you surely know (or not) I consider myself a novice among JP->EN translators, so I can’t and won’t say that my translations are flawless, though I aim to get better with each translation.
If I were to go over my older translations of the season one character songs, I’m sure I’ll find some stupid mistakes, but oh well.
Okay, back to Eir Aoi. I plan to finish “Utakata” within the next week as Sariel has kindly timed the script :)

Enjoy “Brainwash” here.

Back from the Dead & Status Update

As you may have noticed, I was kind of inactive for the past months (or was it a year?). Now I’m (finally?) back from my hiatus.

So, what to do with The Myth? I’d like to drop it because my motivation is kinda gone and as I saw recently saw they have already all episodes subtitled, although I don’t know of the quality, but it should be watchable. Maybe they finally edited the subs.

I now plan to focus more on my studies which also implies I’m going to learn Japanese more seriously from now on. Well, sometimes I’d sure like to test my improvements so do expect some new songs (spoiler: one is already done, just some karafx left). By the way, some new SAO character songs will be released together with the SAO 2 blu-rays (first one is scheduled to be out on the 22th October).

Also you may have noticed that some songs aren’t available anymore. Blame YouTube for that.

On another note, if you spot mistakes or have a better translation/phrasing for lines in my current/future projects, by all means, share your thoughts with me. I’ll try to avoid doing the same mistake twice.

Well, that’s it for now. You’ll hear from me again soon :)

SAO Character Song – Sing All Overtures

Yes, it’s finally done! This song is sung by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Kanae Ito, Rina Hidaka, and Ayahi Takagaki. So basically everyone but Haori Sayami (no Sachi). Enjoy it here.
Again, Sariel grabbed the script and timed the seven minutes long song, so thank you, Sariel xD
In the near future I plan to update the song translation and fix some phrasings I don’t find smooth and some misinterpretations, so stay tuned if you’re interested in using them or whatever. I wanted to write a few words regarding the project, but I’ll do it later in another post.

Well, now that I cleared my backlog, I can finally start to spend more time on The Myth :)

Leafa – Sky the Graffiti

Sky the Graffiti

Yes, it’s true. I finally cleared my backlog of character songs.
Enjoy Leafa’s song here.
I named it Leafa’s song because… just because. And Suguha #2 doesn’t look nice. Well, whatever.
“Sing All Overtures” is already timed and translated, only the karaoke fx is still missing, so expect it soon (this week). Thanks to Sariel for timing again :)

The Myth 2010 Episodes 1 and 2

Shen Hua 2010

Here are eps 1 and 2, at last. Took me a bit longer because of the songs and karaoke.

I’d like to say a few things regarding playback and the video itself.
The video is a shareraw (thus the logo -.-), however, these raws are the best shareraws I could find in terms of quality and availability. The video has hardcoded Mandarin subtitles which were positioned very handy so I could kind of “remove” them when watching the English subs. However, jumping within the timeline might cancel the overlay I set up, so don’t worry if you suddenly spot random Chinese characters.

If you cannot see the English subs, they won’t render correctly or you have lags (karaoke fx), you might want to install either CCCP or another custom LAV+xy-vsfilter(+madVR) setup.
If you want to watch the series on your TV and it does not support ASS softsubs (höhö), I’ll upload the srt subtile files too (you can find them on the project page).

I will not make hardsubs since I really don’t want to re-encode these shareraws. If I had the proper dvd iso, things would be different.

If you do not know already, you might want to know what the string in the brackets [] is and what to do with it.
Read More…

CRC checksums and you

Hi there, this is a very short post about the use of CRC checksums in fansubs (for those who might not know).

Sometimes, a video won’t play because of some strange error or there are some glitches (like a green screen).
Before panicking or shout at the encoder, you should compare the CRC checksums first. Well, this works only if there is one given in the filename or elsewhere.
If that’s the case, you’ll find a weird sequence of characters and numbers (lower or upper case) in the filename of a video, e.g. [EveTaku] Shingeki no Kyojin – 24 (1280×720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[F257E6E9].mkv

So, what to do with this sequence of F257E6E9?
This is a CRC checksum (Cyclic Redundancy Check). It’s not important how to calculate a checksum but how to use one.

First, download a tool that calculates checksums for you (like Hashtag) and let the tool give you a CRC checksum of the file. Then compare the calculated sum with the given one.
If they do not match, something might happened while downloading so that the file is corrupt. Just try downloading it again.
If they do match, well, it’s probably not your fault if you have the right codecs. You may want to ask the group/encoder what to do.

New Project: The Myth (2010)

Shen Hua 2010

Hello, it’s me again.
I recently watched a drama called “The Myth” with Hu Ge starring (not the film with Jackie Chan, though Jackie also produced the drama series) on Viki.com, but later on it kinda got disappointing. Whoever watched (or tried to watch because the videolink was broken) the later episodes on Viki will probably understand what I mean.
Since I didn’t find a group subbing this series, I decided to pick it up myself and sub it properly in English.
I am currently on it so expect the first release soon.

Btw, I will upload the releases on Mega. However, if you have problems with Mega or want to download all raws at once, go to the project page in the navigation bar and click on the batchtorrent. I’ll upload also a patch for each release that will include the subs, fonts and everything else into the raws.

PS: If someone with a little fansub experience out there wants to help me editing, timing or translate missing lines, and thus releasing faster, I’d be very grateful :D

Kirito Character Song

Sword & Soul

I finally finished Kirito’s song “Sword & Soul”. Sariel, tank you for timing the script, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken without your help… I definitely will finish the remaining two songs, but I need to sort out some college stuff first, so I apologize in advance :/

Okay, here’s Kirito’s long-awaited song: Link

As always, feedback is welcome.

Suguha Character Song

Face To You

Here’s the next song, featuring Suguha and sung by Ayana Taketatsu. I didn’t know that the seiyuu for Suguha was her, but I’m surprised in a positive way.
I have not much to say about this song, however, I do have some words regarding a past one.
Someone pointed out to me that Sachi (as mentioned in the Sachi post) does not have that kind of feelings towards Kirito as the other girls (except Yui), and he definitely has a point. She had more like a feeling of security by being next to him, though I do think that her feelings could’ve evolved further if she didn’t had to disappear.

Watch it here

So, this week two new songs will be released, I’m kinda curious what characters they are featuring.

Oh, and of course the “I’ll make you feel good” line in Silicia’s song isn’t meant that way. I just kinda wanted to sound the line ambiguous. The right meaning of that line is “I’ll make you happy”.

Yui Character Song

Yeah, it’s done earlier than I expected. But I kinda like this song so I had to do it before my busy week starts.
Yui here is the only character singing about love without wanting a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship with Kirito.
And I really have nothing to write about, because the lyrics are very understandable.
So, just enjoy it :)

Watch it here.

Btw, I have the scans now for Suguha’s, expect a release soon.